Students In Free Enterprise

Outside of general course work, I stay very active in the campus community. Ohio Northern SIFE has provided me many opportunities to become an active volunteer and leader of our organization. Previously, I have helped run the MI Ready program with the local Lima Senior High School. We work with freshmen students deemed "at risk" of not furthering their education. Our goal is to teach them the basics of entrepreneurship, and instill the entrepreneurial spirit to motivate them and excite them about their education.

I also organized our first annual Dine for Success event. We taught students, faculty, and even community members how to properly conduct yourself during a four-course meal. Recognizing that many employers are utilizing meals to conduct parts of the interview process, we knew our students body would benefit from a program like this. Hosted by the President and First Lady of the university, participants were actively engaged through courses of soup, salad, chicken parmesan with spaghetti, and dessert.

Every year, SIFE holds competitions where teams present to judges what they have accomplished for the year. For the last two years, I have been a member of the speaking team at the competition. I am comfortable getting in front of an audience to share a presentation.

Dean's Advisory Council

After being appointed to the council as a freshmen, I am one of four members of my graduating class to represent the business college. As a council, we work closely with the Dean of the College as we present issues, listen to new ideas, and offer feedback. We also are members of committees used to encourage recruitment to the college, and provide content for the college website. As current President, I am responsible for communicating with the Dean, and running meetings.

Please contact me:
Kyle C. Edington


402 W. College Avenue

Unit 1438

Ada, Ohio  45810