A Little More About Me

On a more personal note, I wanted to take this page to share a few extra things.

Some of my hobbies include:

Family - I have two younger brothers. We like to workout (sometimes), play basketball, tennis and disc golf together. We have a dog with the coolest name, Fonzi or The Fonz!

Photography - Most of the images on the site were taken by me personally. I find the AT&T building very cool to look at when I'm in downtown Nashville. In contrast, Ada, Ohio can get very cold in the winter, as judged by the winter pictures below. Therefore, I cannot get enough of the warm weather, seen in the pictures taken at Daytona Beach.

Drawing - I love to draw cars. I've been doing it since pre-school. I'm a self-proclaimed car guy and I love to watch racing.

Please contact me:
Kyle C. Edington



402 W. College Avenue
Unit 1438

Ada, Ohio  45810